Introducing the map concept


These ‘maps’ aim to deepen engagement with the Christian gospel

No prior knowledge is required, yet even for those who know the gospel well there’s something new to discover.

In each Gospel pack are five maps. Unfolding each reveals a wide range of tools to help you navigate your way around a particular episode. Music, art and poetry are offered to stir the imagination and stimulate new insights. As well as links between the text under the spotlight and the Old Testament, connections are made with issues of our own time.

Theologians from every age are drawn upon to enrich understanding and, as with all these other tools, to invite a personal response. In fact, space is set aside on each map for people to make their own mark, to add their own reflections, to become theologians themselves... and all this in just one piece of folded paper!

Using the maps

Originally written for the people of the Diocese of Norwich in the Church of England, these maps have proved to be wonderfully flexible: they can be used by people on their own or in groups and at any time of the year.

Explore with a friend in your kitchen, use as a group study resource, or to stimulate ideas for a sermon.  A Bible is an essential accompanying tool!

What I love is the combination of accessibility and depth as well as the way in which these materials feed the imagination and draw the reader into prayer.
— The Rt Revd Graham James, former Bishop of Norwich

The different ways in to each topic have been so stimulating, and just right for quite
a mixed group.
— The Revd Mary Elliott, Diocese of St Edmundsbury & Ipswich